About Us

Core to Corps is an educational organization that empowers and challenges a diverse group of young designers to experience their talents as a tool for positive social change. We are located in Union Square, NYC, the heart of the art district.  Our artists are encouraged to use their design education and abilities in community outreach opportunities to mentor younger artists as they work alongside them in collaborative teams realizing together the transformative power of the gift of beauty.

Our Mission

Core Values

  • Our artists are from all over the world ushering a wide range of aesthetic sensibility to our organization celebrating the importance of a diverse expression of beauty.
  • Our projects empower these young artists in community outreach to experience beauty in a constructive context. They learn to apply their design education towards practical problem solving challenges that have a cultural benefit to their community.
  • Our hope is that in the process of creating and contributing their personal aesthetic to a community cause, Core to Corps artists are open to personal transformation by building unlikely relationships that encourage respect and tolerance.

  • We are committed to working with creatives and bringing awareness to the value of their contribution to the world. Through the creative projects that have a real world context, our artists are challenged to develop virtues…. patience, kindness, forgiveness, humility, sacrifice for others…. that ultimately refine their expression of beauty.
  • We value empathy, as we encourage understanding and awareness of perspectives that are not our own.
  • We value sustainability, using all natural fabrics in our designs such as organic bamboo, linen, cotton, & silk.