Dancer: Claire Von Enck

An Inspiration to All

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As simple as it sounds… Claire Von Enck (NYCB Dancer) was sitting with Karelyn Siegler (Founder of C2C) having a conversation about what to wear to the upcoming Spring Gala. Karelyn (also a professor at Parsons School of Design)¬†thought what if we had one of her design students create a gown for Claire. A handful of students were selected to present designs with fabric samples to Claire and Karelyn. After a long decision the designer was chosen. From that point on, designer to dancer formed¬†naturally.

Arianna Alexis was the designer chosen to create Claire’s gown. Together Karelyn, Arianna, and Claire worked together creating Core to Corps. Everything linked together so magically. Arianna (who grew up dancing classical ballet) now a design student from Parsons giving back to the arts creatively, Karelyn (a mentor, professor, & angel) bringing together the heart of Core to Corps, and Claire (a New York City dancer) needing a gown, allowing the magic of an artist and dancer come together. It seems like something of a fairy tale… a modern Cinderella story…